Suzi has a way of customizing both nutrition and fitness in a way that is unlike any other coach or trainer. She really cares about the person she is coaching and she is extremely passionate, which makes a big impact on her approaches. I discovered many foods I had never tried and also learned how to eat in a way that fuels my body to excel in physical goals. I’ve lost over 30 lbs in roughly 6 months and have gained significant muscle definition. My life was certainly changed from her coaching!
Beth M., Fitness & Nutrition Coaching Client
I was concerned that I wouldn’t follow through and would waste Suzi’s time and my money. But I love the accountability! She gave me practical tips that were easy to implement. With nutrition coaching, I am making healthy choices, eating appropriate choices, exercising regularly, and feeling better about myself. Thank you!
Andrea B., Nutrition Coaching Client
My first goal was to re-activate my desire to workout. As a working mom, I didn’t think that I had the time for my health and my exercise was limited due to my diastasis recti. Suzi’s tailored meal plans and workouts made it easy to make time for my health. I now know how to have balanced meals throughout the day and exercises that burn calories while having fun.
Kristi Anderson, Fitness & Nutrition Client
After the removal of my gallbladder, I wanted to educate myself on how to eat, what to eat, and how to develop an exercise plan I would actually do. I was nervous about this process. Suzi is gentle and practical with her advice by giving me small steps to accomplish a little at a time. I cook now! I have a whole different mindset with food by looking at macros, colors, and nutrients. Eating with purpose has changed the way my body feels. She has great tips and help for a better way to live, eat, and exercise.
S. Clayton, Nutrition and Fitness Client
I wanted to lose weight, but thought that eating healthy would be too restrictive. I also did not know how to plan a balanced day. Now that I have been coaching with Suzi, I am more aware of what I am eating, know how to plan balanced meals, and I am losing weight. I like her meal ideas and posts on social media!
L. Hillis, Nutrition Client