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Battle Fitness & Nutrition aims to inspire and provide the tools for you to achieve optimal health by motivating change through tailored nutritional coaching and functional exercise training.

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Since we all have a little more free time, why not focus on our nutrition? 😋Strawberries (organic & frozen/local/regional) offer more Vitamin C than an orange with fewer calories. Vitamin C helps us absorb iron from plants, repairs collagen(glowy skin!) & cartilage in our bodies. We also need the antioxidants & fiber from fruit to stay healthy. . . .Since most of the frozen fruits have been hoarded in our supermarkets, try buying fresh & freezing them yourself😎

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Be the ☀️ today! . . . “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace…”- Isaiah 52:7ish

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Harvard says so💥 I’d also add in chiropractic adjustments. Stay healthy, stress less knowing that your BODY was created for life & HEALTH!

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Nashville, remember that one weekend when it didn’t rain?! . . .Also, can we talk Coronavirus? My professional advice: Eat vegetables, fruits, & ditch half the sh!t (processed sugary food) in your pantry. Exercise daily. Breathe deeply. Sleep 7-9 hrs/night. Wash your hands per usual

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A W A R E N E S S. It’s a game changer! As a stretch therapist, neck & shoulder pain is a common complaint. When we address our posture throughout the day & strengthen the surrounding muscles— the pain will resolve. . 💪 . Have you noticed your posture today? . 🖤 . Let that car cut you off, walk away from your computer/phone frequently, stretch it out, dance it off, and make this week awesome! 💥 . .🎧 Beiber

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